Our Giving

St Margaret with St Michael and St George Churches support many local, national and international good causes through financial giving and physical support every year. We cannot name any individual people and some small local groups we support because of confidentiality, but listed below are some:

In 2018 with help from Advertisers and subscribers to our Benefice Magazine, and other fundraising events all three Parish Churches supported:

All three schools may use the churches for their concerts and events  (Free of Charge for heating and lighting etc) to support them raising funds for the schools.zzz

All three churches (2 x Ormesby and Rollesby) were gifted in excess of 500 Christingles (Free of Charge) for every child in our schools and nursery schools.

Ormesby Brownies, are supported by an annual monetary donation to support their activities

Tigger Time Baby Group (free of charge) weekly, all time, toys, craft and gifts (Free of Charge)

Dementia Friends Support Group (Free of Charge) monthly, all outings, gifts, craft and Pastoral support (Free of Charge)

The Windmill Care Home Rollesby, Christmas and Ester gifts, and 24hr pastoral support (Free of Charge)

Louise Hamilton Trust (Donation)
East Coast Hospice (Donation)
Royal British Legion (Donation)
Clothes Bank in Rollesby to “Help the Hero’s”

Printing to support: Christian Aid, “Open the Book” McMillian Cancer Events (Free of Charge)

Confidential financial assistance to the Vulnerable

24hr Pastoral care for the most in need

Food Banks and Christmas Hampers to the Homeless and Salvation Army.
St Michael Church Charitable Trust gives a food hamper and fuel cheque to all over 65yrs every year in their village

The Children’s Society (Donation)
Salvation Army (Donations)
Christian Aid (Donation)
Bishop of Norwich Lent Appeal (Donation)
Disasters Emergency Committee (Donation)

We are proud of our giving and pray you are proud of yourselves and our local churches for all they do in YOUR community also.